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umakala in post-production |

| 2018 | 90 min. | 1 : 2,39 | ARRI Alexa | Ultra Prime Lenses | China |


A world of eternal opposites called UMAKALA, where half the world is forever day and the other half is endless night. The Sukhavati prison, founded at the junction of day and night, was in crisis.

In order to help the mysterious prisoner who given important missions but deep in coma "living dead" escape from prison, Lile, Yigu and other prisoners sacrificed their lives.The awakened "living dead" is greatly encouraged, and he will start his new journey.

Director: Tinghoo Ye

Producer: Tinghoo Ye | Allen Wang

Script: Tinghoo Ye

Scriptwriter group: Hui Zhang/Ningning Zhang/Xinyan Liu

Cinematographer: Felix Striegel

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